Computerised Maintenance Management System (PFIM CMMS)

Plant and equipment requiring scheduled maintenance - a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) will add structure and reliability to these processes
Plant and equipment require preventative maintenance in order to function effectively and according to their manufacturers specifications – a computerised maintenance management system will add structure and reliability to these processes

The Computerised Maintenance Management System by Peritus (known as PFIM CMMS) provides a comprehensive maintenance management solution that incorporates the following functionality :

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    Automate your maintenance management procedures and contractual obligations ensuring that you do not miss a service with the Scheduled Maintenance Module  .
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  • Job Costing


    Job Costing is integral to maintenance management and ensures that all costs (time, materials and travel) are correctly allocated to jobs (works orders), whilst providing you with an overall job management mechanism…
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  • Serial Numbers


    Serial number tracking is key to ensure complete management of assets, from procurement and throughout the life of the asset…
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  • Service History

    Service_History-300x221-300x221The Service history of any piece of equipment is critical as it provides the information required to make informed decisions on whether to repair or replace and the effectiveness of your maintenance.
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  • Service Desk

    call-centreService Desks provide a centralised point of contact to meet the communication needs of technicians, management (admin) and customers requiring services. It provides for the logging and management of incidents, calls and faults.
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  • Fault Report

    Fault_ReportFault Report provides a potential additional revenue stream for your business, by providing the ability to log faults detected during routine maintenance (service jobs).
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  • Mobile Application For Technicians

    Scan_To_Identify_Devices_To_Be_Maintained_Barcode_Scanner_InsetThe PFIM Mobile Application For Technicians was developed to provide a means to incorporate an organisation’s mobile work force into the daily IT processes thereby making the resulting data more current and accurate and removing needless duplication of data processing.
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    • Incorporate Data From Internet Of Things

      Capturing measures and readings into the PFIM CMMS via the PFIM Mobile Application for Technicians
      Internet of Things feeding data into PFIM CMMS

      Leverage your Maintenance Management System by taking advantage of data collected by various devices (tablets, mobile devices, data loggers, mobile applications) aka Internet of Things and analysed by an integrated system to generate maintenance related alerts and alarms based on specified thresholds.
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